22 February 2019

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One Of The Major Principles of A Democratic System Is Elections

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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Unbelieving and non-participation in the election in way or another can be considered as disbelieve in to democracy.
BNA reporter reporting the issue writes Afghanistan at the mid of political and social crisis, since the start of a movement toward building a democratic system in the country has hardly tried to realize this patriotic aim in practice.
For this reason, the people have been seen several parliamentary and presidential elections.
There is no doubt that there were certain problems and some questions have risen on the way the election held, but what was the most important was that the people eagerly participated in the elections to elect their representatives and the leader of their country. However it should not be expected the country that is suffering an imposed war and passing through a big crisis the elections to be held like the countries where the situation is safe and secure. Comparing The Afghan elections with other countries that are enjoying a secure and safe atmosphere, one should deeply focus his or her attention in to current situation of Afghanistan.
In any case, elections is a national cause for establishing a democratic system, the people should know that their votes can lead to positive changes in the community, the people should understand that involving in ethnical, language, religious and politics matters  have no proper consequences for the public well.
Therefore it would be an urgent need for people to go with high spirit to the registrations and polling centers and show their will for building a democratic system in the country and vote to figures who can honestly represent the will of the people.
It is for people to put aside all ethnical, linguistic, religious and political affiliations and differences, use their voting cards. 
In this way, one can expect great changes in the community in to public benefit and knows the importance of participation in the elections.         
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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