16 June 2019

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Religious Scholars Council Asks People to Participate In Voter Registration Process

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Saturday May 5, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The head and the members of the religious scholars’ council of Afghanistan in meeting with Ashraf Ghani the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan condemning the recent terrorist attacks asked the people to participate in the process of registration for the elections.
According to press office of the presidency information to BNA in the meeting which held in presidential palace yesterday morning Mawlawi Sulaiman Hamid on behalf of the council recited the statement of the council.
In the statement, it has been clarified that Afghan religious scholars’ council condemns suicide attacks and explosions carried out in Kabul and provinces of the country by the enemies of Afghanistan which have caused to the martyrdom of our compatriots including the journalists and consider those barbaric actions against all Islamic principles.
He added, the enemies of Afghan people have announced an operation under the name of Khandaq, while the Khandaq Battle was carried out against pagans by Muslims during the life of our great prophet (PBUH)
The notorious enemies of Afghanistan under the name of Khandaq killing Muslims including elderly people, women, youth and children against all Islamic instructions of Islam.
The religious scholars’ council of Afghanistan issuing the statement asks the government to take effective measures for anti- corruption campaign and to punish the criminals according to Sharia law.
The council calling the elections according to Islamic teachings considers the election of committed and sympathetic Muslims as a religious obligation.
Afterword, President Ghani welcoming the head and members of the council welcomed the release of the statement by the council.
He addressing the scholars said, “   Any time, when I meet you, my will and intension for serving the people and to my homeland becomes stronger and your guidance is a major principle for me, you are our pride and dignity.”
The president said that protecting public properties is of great importance. The government has done certain activities in anti-corruption campaign and the process is continuing. He insisted that anti – corruption campaign is a long - term process needs public cooperation.
The president added, corruption has taken the right of children, widows, martyrs and our oppressed people, the rights of poor and weak people should be observed and contrary to that the culture of using force should be ended forever.
The president once again thanking the stance of religious scholars in campaign against c corruption, calling suicide attacks against Islamic Sharia and backing the participation of people in the elections added we proudly say to the world that our honorable scholars have reached consensus in that regard .   
The president of the country pointed out that the government is serious in counter corruption campaign and committed for holding a transparent elections. He expressed hope, the peace conference of Indonesia and the session of Islamic countries to have great achievements.
At the end of the visit, the president and the religious scholars of the country said the Friday Prayer and prayed for ensuring peace across the country and strengthening brotherhood among the people.
Abdul Khalil Minawi

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