18 April 2019

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Afghan Religious Scholars’ Council Once Again Calls Suicide Attacks Illegal

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Sunday May 6, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Afghan religious scholars’ council once again called suicide attacks and organized explosions incidents illegal and contrary to Islamic teachings.
The perpetrators of such crimes would be responsible before the Almighty God.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the members of Afghan religious scholars’ council meeting the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan once again calling suicide attacks and organizing explosions as a heinous act, against all Islamic values.
They on Friday releasing a statement condemning the recent attacks and explosions carried out by the enemies of Afghanistan calling those barbaric acts against all Islamic values and teachings and obvious hostility with Almighty God.
The members of Afghan religious council, also strongly condemned the start of so called Khandaq Operation by Taliban, called it a move for killing Muslims, while Khandaq  was a war conducted by Muslims during the life of our great prophet ( PBUH) against pagans. Unfortunately, the enemies of Afghanistan misusing that sacred name kill Afghan innocent and Muslim people.
What the members of the religious scholars’ council have said is the repetition of the same fact. The council earlier has condemned suicide attacks and explosions as an act against all Islamic principle and instructions.
In addition to the members of high council of religious scholars of Afghanistan, the religious scholars of other Islamic countries and organizations have condemned suicide attacks as anti-Islamic principles.
But Taliban and a great number of Pakistani intellectuals have their own view and definition about suicide attacks.
The Afghan religious scholars’ views are the same of other Islamic countries and organizations that based on Islamic teachings and values. While a number of Pakistani intellectuals and the leadership of Taliban adopting a contrary stance, indeed going to a war against Islam and draw an ugly picture from Islam.
In the current situation, the intellectual community of Afghanistan just not make sufficient by using statements. They should use the altars of the mosques, universities, schools, media to preach honestly Islamic teachings and values and use those places as undefeatable stronghold in war against terrorism and extremism.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi         

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