18 April 2019

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Tripartite Session of Afghan, Pakistani And Indonesian Religious Scholars Held In Jakarta Today To Discuss Restoring Peace And Stability In To Afghanistan

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Kabul (BNA) BNA political analyst commenting on issue writes a group of Afghan religious scholars head by Maulawe Qeyamudding Kashaf the head of Afghan religious scholars’ council has gone to Jakarta.
The session hosted by Indonesia is a part of efforts of the president of that country who in has separate visits to Kabul and Islamabad tried to provide the ground for peace dialogues between Afghanistan and its armed oppositions and meanwhile prepare a gathering of religious scholars to find a solution for Afghan issue which has accompanied with religious hue and cry and slogan.
The members of Taliban have also been invited to the session but they rejected. Pakistan religious scholars also after a long delay agreed to participate in the session.
The tripartite session of religious scholars has been designed in time, Taliban as the main armed opposition group, consider the war against Afghan government Jihad and with a specific their own ideology continue bloodshed in Afghanistan. While the Afghan people strongly believe that it is an imposed and proxy war launched by foreign and regional countries to achieve their satanic goals.
Mostly Pakistan blamed for the war and its spiritual community, religious scholars and seminaries have turn in to a war machine in Afghanistan. The seminaries in that country have changed in to the main centers for recruiting militants for carrying out terrorist activities that cause incredible causalities and destructions in Afghanistan.
What our people complaint the most is that the armed oppositions with deviated Islam come to fighting and supported by Pakistan in this ugly war to achieve its evil objectives in the region.
Therefore, the Indonesia session is a good opportunity for the Islamic scholars to reach an agreement on Afghan war and end using Islam, sharia and mosques as a means in this inhuman battle.
The Afghan people expect the religious scholars who follow the same Islam and Quran issue a verdict condemn using Islam and Sharia as a means in current war in Afghanistan.
Although Indonesia session has not held officially, but certain circles in Pakistan have said that the Pakistani delegation would not focus on legality or illegality of war in Afghanistan but only talk about supporting the process of peace in that country, while Afghan people expect the participants of Indonesia session for adopting a transparent and constructive stance regarding to Afghan war and define in clear words the nature of the according to Islamic teachings and principles.
We hope the participants of the session reach an agreement to be advantageous for Islamic nation, especially the Muslim and suffering people of Afghanistan.     
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General   

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