17 February 2019

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Religious Scholars Consider Terrorist Attacks Illegal

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Sunday May 13, 2018
Kabul (BNA) The session of religious scholars of Afghanistan, Indonesia and Pakistan which was held in Indonesia is an initial move toward holding a gathering of the religious scholars of Islamic world.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes recently the religious scholars and spirituals from Afghanistan, Indonesia and Pakistan assessed the situation of war in Islamic countries especially the current war in Afghanistan and the process of peace in our country. The participants of the session releasing a seven article resolution insisted that terrorism and violence has no any relation with any nation and faith.
The sixth article of the resolution says,” Violence and terrorism not affiliated to any faith, nation, culture and ethnic groups because violence and violence against civilians  and suicide attacks are contrary to all principles of sacred Islam. The resolution also supports the efforts of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for peace. Although political elites and civil society activists have welcomed the Indonesia session and considered it as a good initiative for uniting the religious scholars of Islamic world for establishing an overall extensive gathering, but have said that the spirituals and religious scholar attended in session had no a strong a transparent stance on the issue.
Taliban as an armed party is behind many horrible incidents such as suicide attacks and destructions in Afghanistan, consider such barbaric actions according to Islam and chanting Islamic slogans commit such evil crimes and called Jihad. Therefore, it was better the honorable participants of session who were the most knowledgeable scholars of Islamic world to concentrated on Taliban’s view point and their activities and adopted a clear stance accordingly in order the problem of Afghan people become clear with the people who use dear Islam and sharia as a means for achieving their evil goals, mostly inspired from abroad, while the resolution has said nothing about Taliban. The participants should asked Taliban, where Islam has called suicide, explosions, destruction and killing Afghan innocent people legal?
Just saying that terrorism is no affiliated to any nation and faith is not enough. Our Muslim people insist on ending the war and killing Muslims in their country and this is Islamic scholars who can guide Taliban on the right path. In any case, the session had certain messages and was a move toward organizing a conference attending the religious scholars from all over Islamic world. It would be necessary for diplomatic organs of the country using the experiences of Indonesia session prepare an active strategy with cooperation of its friends in Islamic nations take part in next session witch will be held in Jeddah city Saudi Arabia in July this year. The participants of Jeddah session should introduce Taliban and other terrorists who use Islam as means for achieving their evil objectives according to Islamic Teachings as they are deserved. Just condemning wrongdoers is not enough. The religious scholars should punish those rogue groups according sharia.
Abdul Khalil Minawi

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