18 April 2019

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Farah Incident Repetition Of A Tragic Story

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Saturday May 19, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Taliban’s attack on Farah city and control of the group on parts of the city is the repetition of a catastrophe of that has been experienced earlier in Kunduz indicates that management of the war is more vulnerable than it was thought.  
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Taliban recently organizing a coordinate invasion on Farah city and succeeded to bring parts of the city under control.
Although the defense and security forces of the country with high morale and devotion succeeded to expel the invaders from the city but the sores that this barbaric attack caused are still fresh.
What has happened in Farah is the repetition of catastrophe that the people, security forces and the relevant authorities of state have   experienced earlier in Kunduz, but unfortunately, the authorities and managers of the war have learned the least from that experience.
If we pay a glance in Farah situation in past especially during the last two years, the city was under security threats but what happened recently was predictable because the  Farah governor due to certain reasons among them lack of coordination for management of the war from his post a few months ago, Taliban several times to enter the city but did not succeeded but in their recent attack they succeeded to achieve their aim and entered the city killed innocent people and made heavy destructions.
Farah people, Afghan people in general, politicians, people representative in parliament, activists of civil society… etc., have only one question that is why the authorities of defense and security  organs in the capital did not take the threats serious?
They insist that the tragedy that shocked not only Farah but the entire country was preventable. There is no doubt that Taliban with support of intelligence services of foreign countries carry out such inhumane attacks creating panic and horror among people achieve the objectives of their patrons but why we did not prevent the enemy and make sufficient just by blaming the foreign countries.
In addition there are other issues, that the cunning enemies use in this situation to achieve their evil goals, therefore it would be the urgent need for relevant authorities considering security, safety of people and stability of the country as their priorities putting aside all trivial differences and in complete unity come to the fight against our enemies.
It would be better for the authorities instead of condemning the criminals and their patrons and expressing condolence for the victims to think about preventing the occurrence of such tragic incidents.
What happened in Farah was a real tragedy, preventing such incidents requires the relevant authorities to adopt practicable and timely measures and programs.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi  

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