24 May 2019

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Narcotic Drugs’ Problem Needs to be Discussed in an International Gathering

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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The problem of narcotic drugs is an acute and complicated problem in Afghanistan that not only dependent to this country, it deeply outside the borders Afghanistan, to settle the problem it should be assessed in an international gathering.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the most recent report on situation of poppy cultivation and drug trafficking in Afghanistan indicates that annually, 900 tons  narcotic drugs has produced  in 2017in the country that shows 11% increase than the previous year.
The report which has been prepared  in close cooperation of counter narcotic campaign ministry and united  nations’  relevant organ made it clear that the price of narcotic drugs smuggled from Afghanistan reaches six billion dollars a great part of which goes to the pockets of international mafias and just 400$ of that huge figure inters Afghan economy.
If we precisely at the background of drug trafficking in Afghanistan, this notorious phenomenon during the last 40 years when the country became the target of foreign invasions which led to the crisis continuing up to now, developed.
Today narcotic drugs are the main source of funding terrorists.
As the United Nations acknowledges a huge percentage of incomes from narcotics goes to international mafias, regional and beyond regional intelligence services, leaders of terrorist groups and other criminal bands that are managing and fueling war in Afghanistan. While the losses Afghanistan sustains is much more than any other countries.
As confirmed documents and experienced show, in reality it is foreign intelligence services, international mafias and criminal band that benefit the most from narcotic drugs trafficking. This open fact indicates that as terrorism, narcotic drugs are a foreign imposed phenomenon on Afghanistan.
In UN report and other similar reports from other global organizations addressing Afghanistan have made much criticism. Although the reports echo a part of bitter facts in Afghan society, but unfortunately they have not considered the foreign reasons and not showed the way of settling the problem. The Afghan people expect UN and other international organizations to consider their pains and agonies sustain from narcotics.
There are certain circles as mentioned above across the world that are involved in drugs business and take benefit from their illegal business and provide chemical materials used in processing  the drugs.
The world shows concern about narcotic drugs trafficking in Afghanistan but not talk about transit roads of drugs that reach international markets and not work for the closure of the transit roads and why the countries complaint from narcotic drugs do not plan and prepare practical programs for decreasing demands for narcotics in their own countries.
There are many reasons that proof that the problem of narcotics in Afghanistan is a regional, beyond regional even international problem that should focus on in an international session and addressed as terrorism.

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