20 August 2019

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Commencement of Registration of The Candidates And Accepting Further Responsibility Be The Two Electoral Commissions

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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Registration the names of candidates for parliament and districts’ councils started yesterday, and this way another phase of election’s process opened.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes based on schedule of Independent Commission of Elections the registration the names of candidates for parliament and districts’ councils started across the country. Every eligible citizen of the country who wishes to contest for acquiring a seat in parliament of the country can take part in the process.
The process of registration the names of the candidates for national assembly and the districts’ councils starts in a time, the people severely criticize the activities of representatives in both houses of the parliament.
The question raised is: do the honorable candidates have learnt anything from the past?  And the candidates what kinds of programs have prepared and present them to people?
The people say in the critical situation of the country the ongoing members of parliament had to work for settling the problems of the country, unfortunately they failed to do so.
Regretfully, some members of parliament were armed with harmful opinions such as ethnical, religious, linguistic and other prejudices which were disastrous for our nation unity which is an urgent need for building our country. The people hope, the upcoming members of parliament say no to all kinds of discriminations and spare no any efforts for establishing a strong national unity that certainly pave the way for peace and security and guarantees the prosperity of the country.
Elections is national process, and only presence of educated, committed and patriotic people can ensure the credibility and transparency of the process and can bring people in to parliament who deserved to represent the people.
It would be the responsibility of independent commission of elections by preparing effective and practical programs ensure a transparent election, provide the ground for educated, patriotic people free of all discriminations go to the parliament and honestly serve the people and the country.    
Abdul Khalil Minwi
BNA Director General

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