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Saturday, June 02, 2018
Kabul (BNA) The number of registers for participation in the elections reaches almost five millions this indicates that the elections as a democratic value getting its validity among the people.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the process of registering the name of voters is over four and half million people and the figure increasing by passing each day.
This demonstrates that the people consider elections as the only way out of the problems and can lead the country in to the right direction.
In spite of that the elections as a national and democratic process enjoys the support of people, politicians and authorities of state, however, there are certain concerns about security situation, different viewpoints among politicians even the authorities of the state, political and ethnical tensions, the changing demands of political parties and organizations over the mechanism used in the process of elections and the gap of technical and administrative inside the electoral commissions are the matters the severely affect the process of elections in the country.
The constructive overcoming the problems depends to effective work of members of electoral commissions, this is how to response to the critics of state, establishing an effective mechanism that can attract the trust of people and to encourage public participation in this national process.  
There is no doubt that the electoral commissions have their own specific problems but what is of significant importance is public commitment for holding such a national program.
The hope and expect of people from the members of electoral commissions, political parties and the critics of the state is this that for establishing an efficient and coordinated mechanism they should not forget negotiation and consultations. Just criticism or evading criticisms cannot settle the problems.
The two sides should accept that the elections as a national process affect the destiny of people therefore it should be pursued as a national goal, and if emerges problems should be settled through holding negotiations and consultations.
The electoral commissions know about the importance and sensitivities of the elections and naturally, listen to useful advices and suggestions and the critics and political parties also comprehend the current problem and sensitivities and as good and helpful colleagues for the state and electoral commissions take effective part in solving the problems.
In the countries involved in disputes like Afghanistan, holding elections and going to the polls is of great importance.
Improving security, insuring stability and generalizing democratic values depend on holding a transparent, free and fair election. Certainly the members of the electoral commissions and the critics of the commissions both acknowledge to that fact.
Therefore, for overcoming the relevant problems there would be an urgent need for coordination of all relevant organs otherwise the consequences of the elections will not meet the public interests and indulge the country in political crisis once again. 

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