06 December 2019

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“Suicide Is Illegal.” Say Religious Scholars

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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Recently the religious scholars of the country in an applaud able move called the current conflict in the country illegal and suicide attacks and organizing explosions against all Islamic values and principles.
BNA analyst of religious affairs commenting on the issue writes recently more than 2500 religious scholars in an unprecedented gathering in Kabul city, expressing their hatred against the ongoing war in the country, called suicide attacks and deliberately explosions against all Islamic values and principles and warned that the perpetrators of such crimes would be punished by Almighty God.
The decrees exactly comes in time that Taliban considering the current conflict in Afghanistan Jihad and continue their inhumane attacks as legal, while the victims of such attacks are Afghan Muslim and innocent people.
The religious scholars of the country with a courageous move have sent a message to Taliban that they cannot use religion as a means for achieving the objectives of which mostly the intelligence services of the region get benefit.
This great move demonstrates the coordination and sympathy of the scholars to our suffering people who sustain heavy losses and casualties from conflicts that follows by chanting Islamic slogans.
The religious scholars issue the decree insisted that Afghanistan in not a place of war and suicide attacks and deliberate explosions are fully illegal and against Islamic teachings.
Earlier to this, the religious scholars from Islamic world in their gatherings in Turkey, Jordan, India and Iran and also, renowned Islamic figures and organizations such as Saudi Arabia’s religious chief, Al-Ahzer Society in Egypt calling the war in Afghanistan illegal and contrary to Islamic values.
The Gathering of Ulema in Kabul aimed to bring peace in to the country but what the reaction of Taliban and other terrorist groups toward this Islamic goal?
They carrying a suicide attack against the participants of the gathering once again proved that the decree of religious scholars the heirs of the prophets has no meaning to them and ignoring God’s verdicts do what they want.
However, suicide attack on religious scholars comes in a time, that sometimes ago a stronghold of Taliban in Dasht- I – Archi district, Kunduz province became the target of an air attack where a number of students of the seminary, used by Taliban as human shield lost their lives. The incident caused hue and cries that blamed state forces targeted the students of the seminary. But some days later, Taliban carrying a suicide attack on students of a seminary in Kandahar that caused the martyrdom of some innocent students of the seminary. And recently, against all Islamic laws, they targeted the gathering of religious scholars and committed daily merciless crimes against the citizens of the country, unfortunately justifies as Jihad.
The religious scholars in Kabul, with a courageous move clearly explained what is legal and what is illegal but now it depends to state and the people how to implement that extensive decree in practice and how to work for dissemination of the will and the viewpoints of religious scholars in the society and to provide the ground for the people to distinguish good and bad in the light of the decree of Ulema.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General 

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