23 August 2019

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The Unilateral Ceasefire Announced by State Partially Observed by Taliban

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Unilateral ceasefire announced by Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the recent reaction of Taliban to it indicate that there are peace and national reconciliation incentives among groups involved in Afghan conflict that should be welcomed.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes President Ghani recently announced that he had instructed Afghan security forces to observe a unilateral ceasefire from Ramadan 27th until the 5th  day of Eid – Fiter
The international forces that in support of Afghan state forces occasionally go to the battle fields have also announced that they observe the ceasefire.
Unilateral announcement of ceasefire by President Ghani is a respond to the demand of religious scholars who issuing a fatwa called the current conflict and suicide attacks completely illegal and against Islamic law.
Afghan political elites believe Islamic Republic of Afghanistan announcing the unilateral ceasefire proved its consistent commitment to peace and raised its moral credibility in community.
This came in a time, while the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a military situation but insists that the Afghan problem has no military solution but can be settle via political means. The developments made the Taliban showing a green light to the state to announce ceasefire which welcomed both nationally and internationally.
Announcement of ceasefire by Taliban proofs that fact that there are people among Taliban who want peace and ending bloodshed in the country.
Recently a diplomat from United Nations and a prominent White House official have announced that a number of Taliban leaders in their military commission have insisted that Afghan conflict has no military solution. According to those diplomats there are certain circles in Afghan government and among Taliban who due to their personal benefit create barrier on the way peace among involved groups in this bloody and destructive war.
Political elites advise the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to clean the state apparatus from the presence of people who prefer their advantages in continuation of war than to public interests and ask the peace loving Taliban leaders to separate their way from adventurous figures in the group.
Western experts claim that foreign players in Afghan war including Pakistan don not want Taliban and Afghan government to reach peace and end the bloody war in the country.
The Afghan people hope the announcement of ceasefire by Afghan government and Taliban be the first move toward mutual understanding, confidence building and national reconciliation which certainly further strengthen the process of peace and ensuring security and stability in the country. 
Abdul Khlail Minawi
BNA Director General

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