03 June 2020

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Increasing Trend of Taliban To Peace

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Monday June 18, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The massive presence of Taliban among their families and people during Eid days indicates that the demand for peace is increasing by passing each day, even Taliban want to live among their people.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the three day ceasefire between the state forces and Taliban provided the ground for hundreds of Taliban to cease violence and fighting and join their families and people and at least be away from armed clashes and explosions during Eid days.
The presence of Taliban in the cities living freely there, on one hand proved that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is committed to encourage armed oppositions to enjoy a peaceful life, on the other hand the presence of Taliban during Eid days in big cities is a clear indicative that how much they are exhausted from war and how much they are eager to live among their people and relatives.
Likewise, the warm welcoming of Taliban by security forces and people made it clear that the two sides are serious in ensuring peace in the country and peace is the demand of every citizens of this war suffering nation.
The warm welcoming of Taliban by people especially the residents of the capital gave a message for Taliban that we ignore the previous pains and agonies caused by suicide attacks, explosions and other criminal acts because Almighty God calls peace good and favorable and responding to this holy call, is responding to the heartbeats of thousands of widows, orphans and disabled people and finally listening to the war exhausted citizens of this country. 
Coming to the cities, Taliban found that how much the life is pleasant among the people and the rule of law and how much delightful is working in a democratic society.
The massive presence of Taliban among the people and their desire for living free of violence prove that Taliban like other citizens of the country are exhausted from fighting. We hope, the leadership of the group, to understand the desires and wisely work for realizing them.

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