23 July 2019

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Management Of Water A Commitment For Stable Life

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The executive chief of Afghan government considering shortage of drinking water a challenge for world community particularly for developing countries insists on preparing an organized program for management of water.
BNA economic analyst commenting on the issue writes recently Dushanbe city the capital of Tajikistan was the host of an international session on management of water in the world.
At the session the representatives of 118 countries were attended to discuss the effective use of water and to establish a world organization for the purpose.
Dr. Abdullah the executive chief of the country, who attended in the session, pointing the problems Afghanistan, the region and the world as a whole are facings due to shortage of water called it a serious challenge for world  community, added that Afghanistan is a country with the least water reservoirs.
He claimed shortage of water; air pollution and drought have caused climate changes in the country.
This high ranking Afghan official warned that with increase of population the problem of drinking water will further increase unless a world organ to be formed and the international community organizes their efforts for settling the problem.
The statements expressed in a time the warming of earth, climate changes and other related problems have seriously harmed most of the world countries particularly the developing countries.
A long side of global warming that has a role in drought and climate changes, there are other factors among them deforestation, misuses of underground waters, destruction of environment, non- standard expansion of cities and industries are the main factors  that cause shortage of water on the earth. Afghanistan has its own problems in that regard.
Misuse of underground waters, deforestation, lack of raining and good management of waters and destruction of environment are the main challenges the Afghan people suffer the most. Unfortunately the people and even the authorities do not know about the consequences of the problem and have not done effective work for settling it.
Water as a vital substance is the main factor for economic growth and public weal should be valued and properly managed it because as it mentioned earlier, water as vital substance for life plays essential role in safeguarding environment, economic growth and public tranquility.

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