19 June 2019

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Ceasefire An Opportunity For National Convergence Not For Military Purposes

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Ashraf Ghani President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan says that ceasefire is the natural demand of people but warned that slightest menace in that regard would not be acceptable.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and its armed oppositions in unprecedented move observing a ceasefire during Eid days provided an opportunity  for a great number of Taliban to leave their hideouts and strongholds in mountains and deserts and come to the cities to enjoy the Eid days with their families and relatives.
Unfortunately, in some cases armed oppositions violated the ceasefire. As a police officer,  a student and local police using the ceasefire had gone to Wardooj  district, Badakhshan province to visit their families and relatives were shot to death, while, the purpose of ceasefire was reconciliation and exchanging views of the two sides of the conflict.
Regretfully, the consequences of the ceasefire were associated with serious concerns. Taliban ended the ceasefire on the evening of the third day of Eid and resumed their attacks against state security forces, while were obliged to observe the truce until the fifth day of Eid and then the Security Council extended it for another ten days.
Some sources including the members of provincial councils of some province have said that Taliban using the truce as pretext came to the cities prepare plans and prepare for attacks which would be bloody and disastrous, even the national defense ministry acknowledged that 1200 militants of Taliban who had come to Kabul have not returned to their hideouts and bases.
Taliban in Bala- Murghab district Badghis province hiding in residential areas, attacking state forces martyred at least 30 troops of the national army. In Ghazni, Taliban while leaving the city abducted six soldiers along with their weapons. These tragic incidents caused the critics of state, the citizens and foreign diplomats expressed their concerns over consequences of ceasefire and coming of Taliban in to the cities and not returning back to their hideouts.
However, President Ghani responding the concerns has his own words:
In a meeting with a number of western countries ambassadors to Kabul, considered the ceasefire the demand of people and informed them about the pre- ceasefire programs of the state and management of the situation before and in the course of ceasefire.
In addition in video conference with army and police commanders and other local authorities flagrantly said that operations would continue in areas under threat and any danger that threat people would face serious and decisive reaction of Afghan forces.
According political elites, the statements of the president give a conspicuous message this is ceasefire is an opportunity for peace, reconciliation, avoiding war and ensuring peace and stability in the country and also the ceasefire was and opportunity for Taliban enjoy the life in the community ruled by law. Also, the statements of the president give the message that the ceasefire should not be used for military purposes because any threat that comes from ceasefire would not be acceptable. Government forces would respond decisively to any threat. Therefore, the armed oppositions should consider ceasefire an opportunity for national convergence and reconciliation not for building military purposes.  

Abdul Khalil Minawi

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