17 February 2019

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Increasing Poppy Cultivation & Narcotic Drugs Trafficking Decrease International Financial Cooperation

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Wednesday June 27, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Narcotic drugs as terrorism and extremism is a disastrous phenomenon that threats the humanity, therefore requires the international community to fight against it seriously.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes June 26th is celebrated as counter narcotics international day. As Afghan authorities say Afghanistan produces 80% narcotic drugs of the world. Poppy cultivation has seen unprecedented growth last year in Afghanistan and more than 11 % of the population of the country in some way is addicted to narcotics. The problem of narcotic drugs is not inclusive to political geography of Afghanistan, if the country produced 80% of narcotics of the world it is also the victim of this evil phenomenon. There is no doubt that Afghanistan has emerged as the biggest producer of narcotic drugs, but it is also a fact that there are certain foreign circles who are trying to promote trafficking of this poisonous substance, manage its transit and trade because it is terrorist groups, regional intelligence service and international mafia who get the most benefit from poppy cultivation and narcotic drugs produces in Afghanistan and billions of dollars come from illicit trafficking of drugs pours in to treasury of traffickers.
The problem is this that criminal bands and intelligence organizations and international mafia using the current critical situation of Afghanistan flourish the illegal trade of this deadly substance. Although Afghanistan preparing strategic programs has come to fight narcotics but so far is not successful as it expected, because terrorist groups, regional intelligence services and international mafia are the main barriers against Afghan government’s efforts for eradication of narcotic drugs. They support poppy cultivation in the country, manage and facilitate trafficking of the drugs, because if they do not do so they lose huge sums of money come from this illicit trade.
Although Afghanistan is considered as the biggest country for producing narcotics but it would not be fair to put all responsibilities on Afghan people and government  because it is an international problem, therefore, it requires the international community to fight honestly against this lethal phenomenon that threats the whole world. Narcotic drugs is a national problem for Afghans and at the same time is an international problem that boasts criminal economy, unfortunately so far the efforts of international community for eradication of this heinous phenomenon is not so tangible and interest of foreign countries in campaign against narcotic drugs is not encouraging. To overcome this problem there is a need for a political will, international consensus and regional and international cooperation.

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