22 April 2019

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Attack On Religious Minorities Is Against Afghans’ Cultural Values

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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Zaranj (BNA) Afghanistan is a country with having of varieties of cultural ethnical groups of people. Tolerance and living in unity is an accepted principle in their life, this notable principle not should be only preserved, but should be extended.
BNA social affairs commenting on the issue writes recently Jalalabad city the target of a tragic terrorist attack, which were much different from earlier incidents, this time a terrorist exploded himself among our Sikh compatriots killing 19 people, most of the victims of barbaric incident were Sikhs inhabitants of Afghanistan.
They were targeted when they intended to visit the president of the country and share their views with him. Unfortunately brutal and dark minded terrorists who cannot sustain the humanity and Islamic ethic targeting them opened a new chapter in their crimes’ book.
Attack on our Sikh compatriots is an example of brutality and ignorance of terrorist groups who know nothing but violence, killing, destruction and savagery, learnt behind the Afghan borders and hatred, pessimism and wickedness have become a part of their nature. They consider the others, especial the religious and ethnical minorities as their enemies.  
Today Pakistani seminaries, political parties and religious circles are working with the same conception and are responsible for many tragic incidents in our country. 
The terrorist groups have come out from Pakistani seminaries, train by religious and political parties and managed and led by intelligence service of that country.
If we precisely look at social and political situation of Pakistan in the course of its history, there have always been ethnical, religious and racial discriminations, and the leadership especially the intelligence service of that country has been alien to tolerance and accepting other as equal citizens. Contrary to its two neighboring countries, Afghanistan as a multi – ethnical and religious country always observed the rights of all ethnical and religious groups and so far there is no an incident to prove that the country supports the killing of minorities and plotting against them.
But now, IS and Taliban who follow the objectives and programs the aliens and have learnt the lesson of savagery, brutality and violence outside the borders of the country are seeking to transfer the evil ideology of omitting the minorities in Afghanistan, the recent incident in Jalalabad is an example of it.
The enemies of Afghanistan especially those who are seeking to disseminate the evil idea of ethnical and religious supremacy, should know that in spite of that the Afghans are poor and war stricken people but they enjoy of having high knowledge about religious and social affairs, they recognize the source of exporting terrorism and extremism in to their country that the recent attack on minorities is a part of the enemy’s policy and a part of state policy of our neighboring country.
This country has established IS and Taliban and use them to achieve its regional objectives.  Our people know that the crimes that they have committed are against Islam and instructions of Holy Quran and they use religion as means for as mentioned earlier to achieve the regional objectives of their master. Our people know that IS and Taliban have made ridiculous of religious values, they should know that they will be the main loser both in the world and in the Doomsday.

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