19 June 2019

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Assessment of Afghan Problem By Religious Scholars of Islamic World

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The religious scholars of Islamic world holding a session in Saudi Arabia in discussing the causes of war in Afghanistan called it illegal and insisted on its immediate ending.
BNA religious affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes , religious scholars from 40 countries across Islamic world, yesterday gathered in Saudi Arabia to denounce terrorism, extremism and all types of violence which link to the ongoing war in Afghanistan and to find the ways for restore peace and stability in to the country  and urgent ending this bloody conflict.
At the session 105 religious scholars including 34 religious scholars from Afghanistan are participated. The Pakistani religious scholars and the representatives of Taliban also invited to participate at the session. The presence of Pakistani scholar could be very effecting at the gathering because they have deep influence of Taliban and so far they have act according to their Fatwa or verdict.
Taliban who are the main side of the conflict could be also effective in defining the war and knowing the prospect of this bloody war.
The presence of religious scholars from 40 countries in Saudi Arabia session demonstrate that Islamic world considers the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan a part of Islamic societies, because the continuation of war which has a religious nature will flourish extremism  in some communities, disseminate violence and causes much agonies and severe concerns in Islamic societies.
Today, many religious organizations such as Al- Qaeda in Asia, Boko - Haram in Arica and other extremist groups in India, Philippine and Indonesia  who link and cooperate Taliban and other armed groups in Afghanistan, had caused anti – Islamic tendencies in many countries.
This indicates that Afghan problem has not remained   limited in to a political geography but has been changed in to a problem of Islamic world.
Continuation of such a situation not only harms Afghan society but also harms the other countries as well. Therefore, it would be the obligation of religious scholars apart from their religious, ethnical and linguistic affiliations jointly fight this notorious phenomenon, otherwise it would harmful for all Muslims 
Afghan people hope, the religious scholars in their session in Saudi Arabia making practical decisions prevent defaming Islamic values and identity
Unfortunately, Taliban against the expectations of peace loving Muslims have warned that if Saudi session announces Afghan war illegal, would consider it as an American project. This indicates that they are seeking to reject all reasonable demands.  They think nothing but implementing the objectives of foreign intelligence services.   
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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