21 April 2019

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NATO Leaders and Their New Commitments For Afghanistan

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Kabul (BNA) NATO member countries leaders’ session presenting specific commitments for Afghan people ended.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the NATO member countries and their allied countries and organizations in Afghanistan recently ended their session in Headquarter of NATO committing specific commitments for Afghan people.
The Afghan people are experiencing the military presence of NATO and US for 18 years in their country. The fighting has been the long lasting war and the most expensive mission for NATO and US.
Although NATO and US during the last 18 years have carried out their military mission in the framework of international alliance in Afghanistan against terrorism, but still Afghanistan is seeing the most horrible and destructive activities of terrorism and feels the threat of this notorious phenomenon dissemination to other countries.
Afghanistan in anti-terrorism struggle seriously needs international assistances and still it is facing challenging problems in war against terrorism.  Overcoming the challenges and problems acquire international aids.
Now a question rises whither NATO can help successfully Afghanistan in settling the challenges and problems in war against terrorism?
Commitment of NATO member countries for increasing the number of Afghan army Special Forces, proper management of those forces and boasting Afghan air forces were the focus of the session.
In financial section, NATO leaders committed to provide six billion dollars for Afghan security and defense forces until 2024.
In political section, NATO once again insisted on Afghan problem solution via peace negotiations.
The recent NATO session drew a good prospect for Afghanistan and the content of the statement released at the end of the session clearly indicates that they deeply know and are aware about the current situation of Afghanistan.
However, the Afghan people do not consider just commitment and expressing sympathy the way of solution of the problem.
Afghan people believe that against their will, their country has been changed in to a battle field against terrorism and addition to this, Afghanistan is witnessing a proxy war among a number of countries. These are the problems that have made Afghan problem more complicated. The powers that really want to end this bloody war in Afghanistan should focus on the ways of settling the problems.
NATO and US have repeatedly have introduce Pakistan as the patron of terrorism and warned that they would punish it but so far they done nothing practically at that end.
Therefore, the Afghan people who have sustained the heavy casualties and destructions ask NATO and international community as a whole to honestly and practically fight terrorism that threats the world otherwise, it will have unpredictable consequences.

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