24 April 2019

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Education Threatened By Taliban

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Taliban in recent days prohibiting the students going to schools have established a panic and fearful situation in some parts of the country.
BNA educational affairs commenting on the issue writes recently Taliban have set on fire two schools in suburb of Pul- I – Alam the capital of Logar province and closed 75 schools and deprived thousands of children attending schools in that province.  Only in Mohammad Agha district fifteen thousand students cannot attend school from the fear of this ignorant and barbaric group.
It is not only Logar that badly affected by the evil and criminal dealing of Taliban, the problem of Helmandi students are not better than Logari students. In Ghazni, Zabul, Kunduz, Herat and Bakghis due to regressive dealing of Taliban are experiencing horrible problems. The educational and knowledge enemies have closed tens of schools in various parts of the country to the students and prevented thousands of students going to schools. In addition this backward group has used schools located in their control areas as military base and even prison.
Using schools as a military base or prison has done as an incentive that state forces for safeguarding public facilities among them schools do not attack such places, so Taliban consider themselves safe in public institutions.
Taliban have called the closure of schools as the revenge of the killing of one of their commanders who lost his life in an air attack.
Taliban have frankly said that they would close the schools if state forces continue their cleansing operations.
Taliban using schools as a means for achieving their evil goals, the authorities of Education Ministry have repeatedly said that education is a public utility project, free from any political dependency should be supported and developed.
The ministry of education has also asked the parties involved in war not harm education system but as a public unitarily organization support it.
The closure of hundreds of schools in various parts of the country has psychologically affected the students and damaged the process of acquiring knowledge in the country.
Unfortunately, Taliban claim that they started their so called up rising from seminaries, but so are spare no any hostility against education and still continue to think as medieval ages  people
The authorities of ministry of education say they are trying to settle the problem of the closure of schools with support of dignitaries, Imams of the mosques and people with good reputation.
However, the last experience show that so far Taliban have not listened to the logic and words presented by elders and dignitaries in that end.  

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