20 June 2019

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Monday, July 23, 2018

Kabul (BNA) July twentieth is a world day for supporting migrants and refugees. The refugees are the people including men, women and children who due severe problems including war and violence leave their home and country.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes every year, July twentieth celebrates as an international day for supporting immigrants and refugees.
The day was established by UN in 2001 to attract the world attention on people who due to domestic harassment, violence and war have no way but    accepting hazardous problems to leave their countries for other countries.
  According to figures released by UN there were 68.5 million refugees across the world who due to conflicts, unrest, violence and other problems have left their countries to live in other countries. In addition there were about 50m displaced people in their own country.
The state of refugees in the course of their tour to Europe and Australia is horrible and painful.  Their tour is costly and mostly lost their lives for reaching their destination. We have heard awful and tragic stories in that regard.
Passing each day, due to increasing regional and international problems, the refugees and immigrants’ problems become more severe and critical. The only way for settling these challenges is ending the regional conflicts.
Regretfully, the countries that play an ominous role in planning and initiating regional disputes, cry more for the problems the refugees suffering. It would be better, they instead blaming and punishing immigrants, take part in decreasing their problems, and to avoid creating a situation that caused further asylums.
There should be a sense of humanism for the refugees’ problem, while there is mostly a political and religious point of view in that regard that cannot meet the human rights objectives.
Therefore, it would be the duties and obligation of every humanist people to prevent the creation of circumstances that make people to leave their own country and migrate in to other countries.

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