23 April 2019

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Heavy Fighting Between Taliban And IS

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Heavy fighting between Taliban and IS in the Northern provinces is made life very difficult for the residents there.
Reporting the issue BNA reporter writes in conflicts between two hostile groups within a month in Juwzjan and Sur- i- Pul provinces at least 300 people of both sides of the conflicts including their high commanders have lost their lives so far.
In the recent incident Bai Murad the deputy leader of IS in Afghanistan lost his life last Sunday in a conflict with Taliban in Darzab district, Juz Jan province.
Bai Murad was the deputy of Maulawi Habiburahman so called leader of IS in north of Afghanistan. The incident took place in a time, Maulawi Mohammad Aslam the other deputy of Mualawi Habiburrahman recently accused for spying to Taliban and executed.
IS was more successful in killing high ranking personnel of Taliban in the North than its rival group.  For example, they attacked the house of Shir Mohammad so called governor of Taliban in Sayad district, while the family was busy in holding a reciting ceremony.
In the attack Shir Mohammad and 15 other people including Noor Mohammad the brother of Shir Mohammed commanded a group of 40 people were killed. The invaders succeeded to escape.
Informed sources say that Taliban in Juwzjan and Sur- i- Pul provinces are mostly consist of local people, but receive assistance from southern provinces of Helmand and Urzgan provinces.
While IS stationed in Juwzjan and Sur- i- Pul provinces are mostly Chi Chinese, Uzbekistanis, Russians, French, Tajikistanis and Kurghistanis, among them there are some former Taliban commanders who have joined IS.
Acceding to the eyewitnesses Sayad district in Sur- i– Pul province and Darzab district in Juwzjan province are the scene of conflicts between Taliban and IS.
Taliban about ten days ago, captured three women who were the citizens of Chi chin and Uzbekistan fought alongside IS after raping and torture killed. Presently some IS militants are under the siege of Taliban in some villages of Darzab district, Juwzjan province.  Although, they are in a very difficult condition, but still resisting against the invaders.
According to local residents, Taliban receive aids from the other side Amu river, but it is not clear how does IS supplied in the north of Afghanistan. However, they enjoy of having many facilities and equipment there.
Russian diplomats’ claim that IS supported by US, the claim repeatedly denied by US military authorities. 
Political experts believe fighting between Taliban and IS in Afghanistan, is another chapter in political war of foreign countries in the country.
Taliban and IS both are competing and fighting to achieve the regional objectives of their foreign patrons at cost of Afghans lived and destruction of their homeland.  Unfortunately the Afghans in the rank and files of Taliban and IS have so far not understood this open fact.
It should be said that rivalry of Taliban and IS, not only in the north, they are also involved in bloody wars in Nangarhar, Kunar, Zabul and Helmand. 

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