19 June 2019

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Despite of Challenges, IEC Announces Date For Holding Presidential Election

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Saturday August 4, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Independent Election Commission has set up April 20th 2019 as the date for holding presidential and provincial councils elections, and in this way ended concerns about not holding presidential election in the country.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes, the independent commission for election announcing the date for holding presidential and provincial election, implemented another commitment of the government in practice and ensured that the presidential election would be held on time. However, holding presidential election will have its problems and challenges, just proper and precise planning and management can reduce the bulk of those challenges and problems.
The independent commission for election considers lack of security and financial problems as the major obstacle on the way of this national program. Is we look precisely at the critical situation of the country, those two problems, make the relevant state organs to do more work. There are also some other problems the can be settled through carrying out coordinated and precise plans and practices. The critics of the state accuse the government that avoiding holding election for districts’ councils and premature setting up the date for presidential election is seeking to architect the election or carrying out political maneuvers. In addition political parties and the figures, who criticize the state, consider the independent commission for elections as dependent organ that works for a special circle or team. Accusations such as conspiracy, fraud, lack of capacity, poor management…etc. are also imposed of the commission. The criticisms and accusations indicate that still there is no necessary trust on work of the commission. Therefore, it would be an urgent need for the commission to do effective and practical works for acquiring the confidence of political parties and people as a whole. 
The political elites suggest that the upcoming presidential election should be held using a new method and mechanism acceptable to the people. What is the most important is this that the old method used in previous election should be avoided that brought the election under question and caused serious criticisms. On the other hand since the presidential election is a nation program, an organ or a commission alone cannot successfully carry it out, in order the soundness of this national program ensured, it requires the political parties and critics of the process and the government reach a true and mutual understanding. From people’s point of view, the independent commission for election, government, civil society activists and political parties all have the same responsibility for holding a transparent election, therefore understanding their responsibilities, instead of criticizing, they should determine a proper and acceptable method for holding the elections. A number of political parties and civil society activists who accuse the government for architecting the election, so far has failed to introduce an acceptable method and mechanism for the solution of the problem.
The other problem that suffers the situation the most is security problem. Presently there are serious security problems in more than 30 districts and some others also complain of lack of security, in such a situation it would be difficult to talk about national wide holding elections, unless to respond to the concerns of the independent commission for the elections. There is a little time remained for holding presidential election, the problems are great therefore, for holding presidential election every Afghan with a national outlook straggle and participate in the election and carry out his or her patriotic duties and obligations.

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