24 July 2019

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Monday, August 06, 2018

Kabul (BNA)  Parliament as a legislative organ has great effect on realizing the people’s will, therefore is a need the people who want to become a member of it should honor the law and be familiar with great national interests and affairs.
BNA political affairs commenting on the issue writes recently the special commission for electoral complaints has omitted the name of 25 people from the final list of candidates for national assembly seats.
The commission at the outset of its work assessed and discussed more than 130 cases of complaints about likely candidates, who were accused of involving in war crimes, extortion of land, having irresponsible armed men etc.
Finally, the commission omitted the names of 25 people from the final list. However, this is not the final decision. The people whose names omitted from the list can ask their cases to be reviewed. The electoral commission for hearing complaints will decide about the issue at the end of this week.
The move has its supporters and oppositions.  The people, whose names have been omitted from the list, consider the move as an organized, architected and political program against themselves.
A number of political elites and civil society activists also say that some of the people whose names omitted from the list are the victims of policies whose oppositions follow inside and outside the state. Likewise, the elites have declared that the list announced by the commission is not completed and insist that there were many people whose name should be removed from the list, but the commission has not done so.
The electoral commissions have heavy responsibilities and obligation against the people to carry out.  The Afghans during the previous years have sustained horrible pains and agonies; unfortunately, a number of lawyers in the parliament not only did not put ointment on their wounds but made them more serious. 
The people hope and wish the two commissions to make their best to pave the way for people to go to the parliament who believe and think about national interest and be able to settle the most critical problems. While during the previous rounds of parliament, there were people who preferred their own interests to public interests. Therefore, the parliament as a whole failed to meet the expectations of the people.
If the problems repeated in the future, the people will blame the electoral commissions for not succeeding to recognize the true and well- wishing figures.
The work of electoral commissions would be praised only when they prove that they have carry out their duties with honesty and transparently.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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