18 June 2019

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Taliban Attacking Ghazni City Committed Crime And Experienced A Military Failure Once Again

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Kabul (BNA) BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently Taliban launched a widespread attack from seven directions on Ghazni city. At the beginning made some progress and succeeded to topple some security posts and inter in to some sections of the city. But the Afghan security forces prevent the invaders to capture the other parts of the city.  Presently the attack of the group has ceased and heavy conflict is going on between state forces and Taliban .the ways for Taliban have been closed to flee.
The widespread attack by Taliban on Ghazni city is a repetition of a failed experience they experienced once again. During the recent months, Taliban tried hard to capture the control of the capitals of some provinces.  To achieve this purpose, they attacked Kunduz and Farha cities and increased military pressures on Pul- i- Khumry city and on Shindand district Herat province. They succeeded to inter in to some sections of Kundus and Farha citied but they failed to realize their dreams for dominance on those cities. Attacking the cities they sustained heavy casualties.
Attack on Ghazni city comes exactly in time, the local authorities of the province have warned against security vulnerability and possible Taliban’s attack on the city. Meanwhile, Taliban increased pressure on eighteen districts of that province.
Now a question arises, why the concerns not taken seriously and not taken preventive measures for increasing threats of Taliban against Ghazni city?
Although the threats against Ghazni city were serious but little works have been done for defending and foiling the enemy’s plans.
The above facts clearly indicate that there was a wide military vacancy in security situation of the city, which asks the senior relevant authorities in Kabul to investigate the issue seriously and adopt effective and practical measures for filling the security gap there.
There are believes that Taliban have become more courageous because of new developments. During the recent months, Afghan government several times appealed Taliban and tried to draw the group to the negotiation table.
Mr. Trump’s administration that paid no serious attention to Taliban at the past, but presently the representatives of US government have met Taliban in Doha and addition the countries which are involved in regional rivalries try to use Taliban as a means for achieving their objectives in the region.
In such a situation, Taliban consider themselves as a champion of the ground, seeking to share in regional intelligence games and to find a place in regional dealings. To achieve this goal they have increase their attacks, but what will be the consequences of these barbaric attacks?
Attacking Kuduz and Farha cities Taliban gained nothing but caused heavy casualties and destruction.
Taliban who trying to obtain the power and finding a place in political dealings, if they achieve their aims and or share in power on who will they govern? They will govern on devastated cities or on the graves of their compatriots.
It would be better the ones who think according Islamic principles and humanity for reaching the power should follow reasonable ways without creating violence, this honoring the constitution and respecting the will of people.
At the end we draw the attention of security authorities that Taliban have tried to take the control of cities. They repeated this experience in Kuduz, and also attacked Farha city achieved nothing but shameful failure and defeat. But certainly they have caused some losses to security forces.  Learning from the previous experiences, the authorities of security forces should adopt preventive measures for curbing the plots of the enemies and listen to the concerns expressed by the representatives of people and local authorities and to prevent further bloodshed in the country.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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