26 May 2020

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Afghan people welcome any move that facilitates peace negotiation between Afghan government and armed oppositions.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently   foreign ministry Uzbekistan declared that the country hosted a diplomatic delegation of Taliban headed by Abas Stanekzay the head of the group’s relation office in Doha.
The foreign ministry of Uzbekistan has made it clear that the Taliban delegation during its stay in Tashkent had meetings with the authorities of Uzbekistan foreign ministry during which the two sides discussed prospects of peace in Afghanistan but Uzbek foreign ministry gave no more details.
The presence of Taliban delegation in Uzbekistan takes place exactly in time, that the group so far has several times had met the UN secretary of state’s delegation in Doha. In addition, China has recently hosted a delegation of the group.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan considers the new developments this is the meeting of Taliban delegation with the authorities of US foreign ministry in Doha and or the tour of Taliban delegation to China as a move  that can facilitate inter- Afghans talks and strengthen the process of peace negations between Afghan government  and  Taliban. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan supports any move with such goals.
Although the countries that have made contact with Taliban and conducted negation with the group have insisted that the aim of their efforts is to strengthen the prospect of peace in Afghanistan and they support Afghan peace negotiations as an Afghans’ ownership process.
Unfortunately, Taliban insist on their own words.
Sources related to Taliban have said that they in addition to their office in Qatar, t plan to establish relation offices in Tashkent, Uzbekistan,  Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates.
Although, the two countries have said nothing relating to the issue but United Arab Emirates competes Qatar for establishing Taliban’s office in its territory for a long time.
In addition, some other countries of region like Turkey and Turkmenistan have shown green light for establishing Taliban’s office in their countries. Uzbekistan has times and again expressed its readiness for hosting negotiations between Afghan government and Taliban.
There is no information about what goes behind negotiations with host countries but the fact is clear that Taliban because of the new political developments have more motivated. The recent attacks of the group on some parts of the country I aiming to emerge as a military and political power in Afghanistan.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan welcomes the efforts of foreign countries for facilitating the process of peace negotiations but considers the increase of Taliban’s offices as a factor that disrupts peace negotiations and presents the influence of foreign countries on Taliban.
The foreign countries should know that Islamic Republic of Afghanistan that has formed as result of direct votes of people, exercise all standards and rights of a lawful government. The people who want to give an identity to Taliban in fact trying to make the process of peace negotiations longer.
Afghan people insist that any negotiations that designed by foreigners and their guest be Taliban and ignore would be vein and vacant program.

Abdul Khalil Minawi

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