16 July 2019

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Holding Sessions in Different Countries Show Complexity of Imposed War in Afghanistan

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Monday August 27, 2018

Kabul (BNA) One can guess the complexity of imposed war on Afghanistan from the sessions held in various countries in pretext of peace.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the meetings and negotiations on Afghanistan just produce result when they free from any political conspiracy and be focused on restoring peace and meet the will and aspirations of Afghan people.
The Afghan people since a long time have been witnessing of holding tripartite and quadripartite sessions in this or that country, the national and international session that brought no any results so far.
However, the only hope for settling the problem is Kabul’s process sessions. The authorities of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the process asked for holding direct talks with armed oppositions, believing that it can lead to solve the problem, since then many countries interred in to direct talks with Taliban. The matter could be considered from two dimensions:
First, the government of Afghanistan made its best to disseminate the culture of peace and to prevent extremism which had some achievements. Secondly the countries involved in Afghan war using the opportunity want to achieve their own objectives.
This open fact clearly displays the complexity of war in Afghanistan and various dimensions of this regional dispute.
For this reason the Afghan people know that the continuation of war in to the benefit of regional players. The Afghan people should know that they are capable to restore peace in the country. This noble aim could be achieved only when all Afghan people say no to all kinds of discriminations including ethnical, linguistic and political prejudices, building a strong national unity rescue the country from the hands of regional players. 
The majority of people not considers holding numerous sessions the way of settling the problem and argues that it will increase regional rivalries and  in situation where political differences prevail, establishing coalitions is common create a wide gape that prevent the people to access peace and enjoy it.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi

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