16 June 2019

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Anti- Islamic Groups’ Movements in Holland Indicates the Globalization of Extremism

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Saturday, September 01, 2018

Kabul (BNA) BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently a number of western media disclosed that certain circles in Netherland holding an exhibition and cartoon competition, the theme of which was the sacred of Islam. Unfortunately, in this anti- Islamic and anti- human campaign the high authorities and figures were also involved.
What have been planned in Netherland under the name of so called exhibition has been taking place in continuation of efforts early made by extremist circles in US, France, Denmark and Norway, or   burning of Holy Quran or drawn the cartoons which humiliated and scorned the sacred of Islam, or prepared films and dramas about figures and personalities of early Islam. All the facts mentioned above clearly show that extremism is also growing in western societies and America. This also shows that extremism is almost followed by every faith, religion and exists in every country. Even those who are mercilessly killing people in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq affiliated to the intelligent services of foreign countries or actively working to defame Islam.
What has been launched under the name of cartoon exhibition, is aiming to defame the figures and personalities of early Islam indicates that extremism is not an Islamic phenomenon but closely ties with other societies and communities.
The matter is clear for awakened conscience, if Taliban, IS or Al- Qaida emerged in Islamic societies, there is extremist activities in Netherland, US, Paris, Norway and all over Europe against Muslims that can be used as an incentive. If these groups fight under the name of Islam, isn’t genocide of Muslims in Myanmar extremism.
Regretfully, the authorities of European, American and some other countries of the world had scared their citizens from Islamic extremism but are silent against extremism in their own countries that have wounded the hearts of millions of people across the world.
It should not be forgotten that every anti – Islamic move will be an incentive, not only hurt the hearts of Muslims across the world also give a pretext for extremist groups in Islamic World to justify their heinous crimes against humanity.
The incidents of some years ago in Paris after releasing an anti- Islamic cartoon in a magazine in Paris cost the lives of many innocent citizens of that city, the citizens of Belgium and other countries became the victims of such adventures.
Therefore it would be better the westerners and Americans define democracy within the values of humanism and respect the rights of others. It would be so good that the Americans and the west do not equalize expression and civil freedom with terrorizing figures, as the call Taliban, IS and Al-Qaeda they also should pay attention on extremist groups in their own countries who with adventurous actions provide the ground for confrontation of various faith which without doubt cause huge destructions and casualties in the world.    
Abdul Khalil MInawi
BNA Director General

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