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Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Kabul (BNA) US defense ministry has announced that it stopped its 300 million dollars military aids to Pakistan. The money would be spent where it needed.
BNA financial affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes US is not satisfied with the way Pakistan cooperate in campaign against terrorism in the region.
US dissatisfaction became public during the reign of President Obama but during the current president Mr. Trump became more serious and pressures increased on Pakistan.
Recently US ceased its 300 million dollars aid to Pakistan and said that the money would be spent where needed the most, accusing Pakistan to dishonesty in struggle against terrorism, fraud and double games.
Earlier, US also ceased its 500 million dollars aids to Pakistan.
Donald Trump the president of US as soon as he got in to the White House counter terrorism struggle was at top of his agenda which became public as Trump’s strategy on South Asia. Unfortunately, the strategy never taken seriously by Pakistan, but launching double games sabotaged it.
Now, Pakistan is experiencing new political developments and a new prime minister running that country, the White House wants to show that it is serious against Pakistan and that President Trump is not joking.
Stopping 300 million dollars aid to Pakistan is the first practical pressure of US administration on Umran Khan’s government, a signal that Pakistan new administration should take it seriously and should not lose the opportunity.
While the Afghans are the main victims of war against terrorism and the victims of proxy wars launched in their homeland by other countries expect that US should act seriously this time, and prevent Pakistan from implementing its adventurous regional strategies.
America should know that, some people in Afghanistan believe that there is a secret and close relation among US, UK and Pakistan.  These countries just condemn each other in words not in practice. They believe, US can practice what it wants. It kills Asama near a military base in Pakistan, Topples Kaddafi and Saddam from power and imposes sanctions against Iran and North Korea, while so far has used only words   on war against Pakistan.
If US really want to launch a practical war against terrorism should pursue Pakistan via diplomatic sources, impose economic sanctions against it and legally punish Pakistani military dealers that can prevent that country from its adventurous policies in the region. Otherwise, stopping 300 million dollars aid to that country would be meaningless because Pakistan has received billions of dollars so far as aid and expects more. 
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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