20 June 2019

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Saturday, September 08, 2018

Kabul (BNA) To day Saturday September 8 is the beginning of the day of martyr in the country is an opportunity to truly and practically to perform our responsibilities and obligations regarding to the aspirations of martyrs and the needs of their families.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Today September 8 the
Start of Martyr Week is coincident with holding the martyrdom anniversary of great Masood the nation hero of the country which remembers across the country.
Holding the martyr week could not be a ceremonial program but it would be an opportunity to evaluate our deeds against the ideas and high aspirations of martyrs.
Unfortunately, the realization of martyrs’ aspirations and hopes is an obligation and responsibility of the state and the nation but so far has not realized and also we have failed to realize the aspirations and ideas of great Masood and other millions of martyrs who lost their lives for the cause of our motherland.
The main and the holiest  aspiration of martyrs  is building an Islamic society, ensuring social justice, Islamic brotherhood and a strong national unity which is an urgent need for building a prosperous and peaceful society.
Therefore, when we talk about martyrs and celebrate the week of martyr, we should honestly trial in conscience court to see what have we done for realization of martyrs thoughts and opinions, have we satisfied their souls?
Regretfully, we should acknowledge this bitter fact that instead of implementing the ideals and aspirations of the martyrs, we have preferred the ceremonial sides of the issue and even the opportunists have used the national and religious days as a means for achieving their own objectives.
The opportunists use the national and religious days such as independent day, martyr week or other religious days for displaying their power, the act which is in contradiction with  ideas of whom who fight  for the cause of the county, champions and outstanding spiritual figures. The work harass the people, creates problems and generally is not logical and will destroy the personality of national figure causes nothing more than that.
Therefore, it would be better to celebrate the national and religious days as they are deserved. This is donating blood for wounded soldiers, for people   injured as a result of terrorist incidents and preparing supportive programs for helping the families of martyrs, and assisting the widows and orphans in the country.
In this way we can encourage our fighters to fight bravely as before against the enemies of the country and meet the humanistic aspirations of our religious figures.    
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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