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Monday, September 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA)  Recent developments in security and political situation of Afghanistan is made the need more serious that America as the main player in cases of the region should change its strategy on south Asia.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently US defense ministry together with a number of generals of that country came to Afghanistan and discussed the regional issues and Afghan security situation with military commanders of America and NATO there.
The visit of this high ranking official took place in time that just a few hours earlier the US secretary of state ended its visit with Pakistani authorities in Islamabad.
The agenda of US secretary of state was the same of that the defense ministry of that country followed in Kabul.
The visit of the senior authorities of US to the region took place in a time, where the security situation in Afghanistan has become more complicated and security and political situation of the region seems more inflammable than ever.
In spite of that US interred direct talks with Taliban, but this notorious group has accelerated its armed activities. The other players involved in Afghan problem have extended their efforts in various dimensions. But unfortunately these are Afghans who sustain the most casualties and destructions and becomes the victims of proxy war in their country, launched by certain countries. We ask the attention of US to issue. US as a country that has military presence in Afghanistan in pretext of counter terrorism struggle since 2001.  However, the fighting has reached to deadlock. Many believe that US within the framework of anti-terrorism struggle is following other programs in the region and uses anti- terrorism campaign which has formed within a framework of an international coalition as a means for accessing its other objectives. This policy flared up the sensation and reaction of other countries and further lengthened anti- terrorism war program.
The national unity government, in order the process of counter- terrorism struggle reach a favorable result, contrary to previous Afghan government that avoid signing security agreement, signed the agreement. Unfortunately the agreement could not change the situation of Afghanistan in to the positive but further complicate the situation here and the claim of the authorities of previous government who said that the agreement would lead nowhere became true. Some evaluate the policy of US in Afghanistan a defeated one, because fighting terrorism started with commitments and out cries but so far its ending is not clear. The Afghan people, who are the main victims of this ugly war, draw the attention of US to situation, reviewing its strategic programs open a clear horizon for ending the agonies and suffering of our people have endured for a long time.
The Afghans ask for adopting practical measures, because as experience shows just words are no adequate.
We hope the new programs of US are away from all political dealings and giving or receiving wrong privileges and be based on realities and facts.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General


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