25 May 2019

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Monday, October 08, 2018

Kabul (BNA) A new survey indicates that 93% of poppy cultivation takes place in areas under Taliban’s control and the group is main manager of drug trafficking in Afghanistan.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes a new survey conducted by ministry of counter narcotics campaign in cooperation of important international organizations makes it clear that 93% poppy cultivation takes place in areas controlled by Taliban.
The survey indicates that during the current year 200000 hectare s of land have been cultivated poppy in Afghanistan, Helmand with one hundred thousand hectares is in first place and Kandahar with 20000 hectares stands in the second.
Afghanistan has known as the biggest narcotics producing country in the world. However, poppy cultivation with such high percentage in areas under the control of Taliban clearly shows that this notorious group is also the vanguard of management, cultivation and narcotic drugs trafficking. Taliban by carrying suicide attacks, planting mines and setting fire on schools, destroying bridges, looting the mines and cutting the forests have won a heinous identify both for themselves and Afghanistan and by managing and trafficking of narcotics added to their barbaric crimes.
It has been said that narcotic drugs trafficking ensures a part of military expenditure of the group. Their benefit from narcotic drugs trafficking reaches annually to 50 billion dollars and keep their military machine active in this way.
The documents and evidences show that many trading companies in Pakistan and some gulf countries affiliated to the leaders of Taliban are engaged in drug trafficking, looted materials from the mines of Afghanistan and logs have been cut from the forest of our country.
Trafficking of narcotic drugs from Afghanistan without doubt takes place in complicity of foreign intelligence services and international mafia and Taliban are supervising this advantageous transit route from the borders of Afghanistan up to Europe and America.
Regretfully it is always talking about the increase of poppy cultivation and drugs trafficking in Afghanistan and world countries especially Pakistan, Iran and Russia consider themselves as the victims of narcotic drugs smuggled from Afghanistan. But they never see the real sides of this dirty trade and practically have not taken any measure for ending this notorious trade, but contrary, the intelligence services and police of some foreign countries  among them Pakistan provide the ground for drug trafficking from Afghanistan and actively cooperates in that regard for its own benefits.
Many believe that narcotic drugs as terrorism is an imposed phenomenon on Afghans and some countries using narcotic drugs and terrorism as a means for achieving their own interests support Taliban.
Ending the problem of narcotic drugs and its regional and international consequences is only possible when dealt with reality and regional consensus be formed against it.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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