13 July 2020

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Through Using Constitution Honestly, We Can Achieve Our Great Aims

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Monday, January 07, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The constitution is the base of justice and protection of joint values that is final aim is legalizing the entire community.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes we are celebrating the week of constitution. The constitution is a document that makes the states to meet the expectation of people.  Constitution is the peculiarities of democratic governments that define the services of state to the people and the community.
The Afghan constitution has found its status and the situation is ready for its implementation.
In the past, the political affairs were settled mostly via confrontation, but now they prefer to settle their difference according to the content of constitution that has been considered a major progress.
Although Afghan constitution has answered to many questions and formulated the social life in the country, secured human rights, civic activities, women’s rights, freedom of speech and other political activities have guaranteed, but still some problems exist that disturb public minds regarding to the implementation of the constitution.
Some people believe that constitution in Afghanistan only uses against poor people but the riches and powerful people escape from it. This indicates that the constitution still has its problems and violated in certain levels. Violation of the law in the country is not an uncovered matter but commitments for its implementation is expiring hope and the role of Supervising Commission for Implementing Constitution considered to be discussed.
From this commission that can be considered as the court for the constitution, expectation of people is very high.
Assessing the complaints of people against local government, political parties, senior authorities of the courts and finally assessing human rights violation are part of the responsibilities of the commission. However the commission has not succeeded to remove violations from the constitution yet.
The Supervision Commission for implementing the constitution in addition to work for building its capacity, it requires the support of state relevant authorities to be attracted.
It should be acknowledged that it is the constitution provides us with opportunities to fight against all political, social, economic and security challenges and achieving this great aim is possible only through using all constitution’s articles truly and honestly.   

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