15 July 2020

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Ministry of Economy says” out of 15 million work eligible people in the country about 9 million of them are unemployed.” 
BNA financial affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the authorities of ministry of economy have said that only 6. 8 million work eligible people in the country are employed and about other nine million are utterly unemployed or partially busy.
The statements expressed in a time, while the most crucial problem in Afghanistan is unemployment caused the other most complicated problems in the country.
If today the youths of the country are forced to migrate or leave the country it has economic incentives. If armed oppositions successfully recruiting among the community, they use this incentive this is unemployment. Also the big reason for the increasing crimes in the country is also unemployment.
Also, other problems such as mental and some social problems closely linked in to unemployment or collapse economy of the families.
Relevant state organs are chanting slogans for years for creating job opportunities but not succeeded yet. State organs have so far succeeded to recruit some people in administrative, operative and military sections, while the activities of state organs in productive, industry and commercial areas are in low level and cannot meet the expectation and the need of the community.
Likewise, state run organs have not fulfilled their commitments on revival projects which were a good source for employment in the past, like textile factories, agricultural projects and bakeries. If the relevant authorities really want to create jobs, they should hurry for reconstruction of those factories and industries.

During the period, some plans and programs prepared for the growth of private sector but the process not managed properly so this sector against all expectations not succeeded to decrease unemployment.

Today the number of higher education institute is outstanding in the country and annually add four hundred educated people in to work force. Unfortunately these educated workforces with university certificate not settle the problem but add to the problems.  In short, we worked little to create employment opportunities but chanted a lot.
In the meantime, we always accused fighting as a preventive factor for slow grow economy and justified our weak economy. While other countries like Iran suffering world severe sanctions and War –hit Vietnam never forgot their economic growth.
We had and have good opportunities for creating jobs but not used it as required. Therefore, for achieving this great aim and curbing unemployment practical and precise planning and proper management is needed.
If we look carefully at unemployment problem, it is more sensible at rural areas.   The problem has caused the rural people rush in to the cities or joins the ranks and files of armed oppositions. To prevent this need for agriculture growth in rural areas would be an urgent task of the government particularly the ministry of agriculture. Agricultural products should be increased and cultivating of Zofran and other medical bush should encourage replacing poppy and other drugs. This will provide the ground for employment.
Investment in agriculture and animal – husbandry sections needed not huge sums of money. With just precise management one can do a lot of work. Supporting rural productions as an agricultural, animal products, handicrafts we can provide work opportunities. On the other hand sending the working eligible youth abroad to work there is a good way for finding employment opportunities; however the ministry of public work concluding several agreements with other countries has not taken a practical step at that end so far.
What mentioned above indicates that improving the rural economy this is agriculture and animal – husbandry is the most important sections that provide employments and lead to eradication of poverty in the country.  


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