13 August 2020

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Afghanistan’s Peace Negotiations Accelerated, but Require More Time

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Tuesday January 15, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Although the political efforts have been accelerated for peace negotiations, but   the process requires more time so should not expect early results.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes in recent days political efforts for accelerating peace process in Afghanistan have increased.
Hamdullah Muhib the national security advisor of presidency visited India, China, Saudi Arabia and United Arabic Emirates. US Secretary of state went to Qatar, and the foreign minister of India and the Enteral Asian countries foreign ministers visited each other in Samarkand City Uzbekistan, Zalmay Khalilzad US special envoy for Afghanistan came to the region and Mullah Brother the moderate member of Taliban and pro – peace negotiation figure detained by Pakistan intelligence service for several years, after release joined Taliban’s negotiators delegation in Qatar.
All above activities indicate the acceleration of political efforts for the solution of Afghan problem. In all these efforts the Afghan problem raised and discussed.  The involved countries all made their efforts to achieve their own interests in the process.
The discussions on war and peace in Afghanistan were accompanied with hope, but what is the most important is lack of precise awareness of people from the details of talks. Therefore, it is required the state authorities knowing their responsibilities against nation and share these good and bitter facts and realities with people in order to prevent psychological sufferings among the people.
The hard stance of Taliban and coming new foreign players in to Afghan issue has made the way of peace difficult.
What is seems more outstanding in process of peace negotiations is the competition of foreign countries who want to drive each other to the margin and the establishment of divergent groups of Taliban has caused  further differences among them.
Differences among Taliban, provided the ground, the group to be used as a means in proxy war launched by certain foreign countries and caused the prolongation of peace negotiation process in the country.
Many believe that peace efforts as a massive process requires the unity of Taliban, therefore without their unity and without coordination of Afghans’ efforts for keeping away their country from the competition of the countries of the region one should not expect early peace in the country
Therefore, it is required for Taliban to think about the national interests and concentrate their efforts for saving Afghanistan from the competition of the countries of the region even the world.

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