24 May 2019

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Afghans’ National Unity Defeated Red Army

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Sunday February 17, 2019

Kabul (BNA) President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan says one of the reasons of the defeat of Red Army in Afghanistan was the unity of people, now with the same unity we can establish a permanent a stable peace in the country.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes 30 years earlier of today, the Afghan people  losing more than one million people and sustaining sever destructions withdraw  he aggressive Red Army of the then Soviet Union from their holy land. The heroic people who fought against former Soviet Union represented all ethnic groups of the country.
What made Afghans victorious against Red Army was their unity, they in complete unity from all ethnic groups across the country stood firm against the aliens, heroically fought, lost their dear lives but hoisted the victory banner in their country.
Earlier to the aggression of Red Army, Afghan people also heroically fought against British colonialists in complete unity that lead to the independence of the country. 
During the history, our people have many successes in their minds, they have achieved because of national unity. Today also our people are experiencing another problem, this is again foreign invasion. Using the historical experiences, we can curb this dangerous problem via establishing a strong national unity among the people as our ancestors did.
Unfortunately, there are efforts and moves that weaken the spirit of national unity in the country.
Afghanistan is a malty ethnic country with deferent thoughts and views. Any negative and wrong nationalism and fanning ethnical ideas are wrong policies that draw the country toward a sever crisis. The key of settling the problem is national unity.  
The inner and foreign circles have analyzed the situation wrongly, they have distanced from the ideals of Afghan people and the level of their political knowledge is very low.
These circles are chanting slogans for Taliban, a group who fight against national values while they have their own long term goals and their guideline also used as a guideline for Taliban.
Unfortunately the programs of these circles sometimes take the flavor and color of ethnics and harm our national interests. However, fortunately the spirit of national unity is still very high among the residents of our country.
It is required for ensuring national interests prevent sensitive moves.  Constitution showed be used as center for gathering people and establishing a democratic government that ensures the interests of people across the country.

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