It Is National Unity that Guaranties Prosperity of the Country

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Monday, March 11, 2019

Kabul (BNA)  President Ghani in a meeting with Farah residents insisting on people’s unity pointed out that in unity we have been able to perform great and important works, but due to disunity we have sustained huge losses and nation paid the cost.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan visited Farah province the province was recently the scene of heavy floods and insecurities during the last month.
If we precisely look at the depth of Farah province problems, they have their own reasons. Farah is one of the biggest provinces where different ethnic groups and nationalities live. Meanwhile this province is enjoying of having a good natural condition and the state has prepared effective and practical plans and program for building the province. Some of these basic and fundamental plans and programs return to previous years and governments unfortunately have not put in practice due to interventions of foreigners.
The foreigners especially in delaying the works of basic and fundamental project used the disunity and differences among people as a means to achieve their satanic goals and created barriers for implementing big projects especially constructing roads and water dams.
The enemies of Afghanistan misusing the disunity and differences among Afghan people have succeeded to hit the target and achieve their goals.
Today Afghanistan among six neighboring countries and the countries of the region is the least development country and economically lives in very bad situation.
Afghan people with having different ideas, perceptions and outlooks in centuries have lived in peace and security like brothers.  Unfortunately during the last years, the enemies of this country, cultivating the seed of difference and establishing distrust among ethnical and religious groups somewhat reached their evil goals. This is a fact that without unity and integrity a favorable social life is impossible. 
In the current situation where the Afghan people involved in bitter conspiracies and intelligence services games and enemies of the country disrupt the life of people through dissemination of ethnical discriminations and distrust among people. Therefore it would be the best to recognize national unity as a need for the survival of our great nation and spare no any efforts for ensuring a true national unity and avoid any sensitive words that harm our national unity because this is national unity that provide the ground for progress of the country and tranquility of our people.  

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