12 July 2020

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Making Peace with Taliban Not Ends Terrorism

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Kabul (BNA) National Security Advisor says that making peace with Taliban not mean ending the threats of international terrorism and settling the problem of international threat required strong commitment of world community.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Humdullah Muhib advisor of national security participated in a special session of UN Security Council held over Afghan problem and informed the members of the council about the current situation of Afghanistan and the region.
He said that making peace with Taliban will not mean the end of international terrorism. in spite of that Afghan defense forces continue their struggle against terrorism, but fighting against this horrible phenomenon is not only the responsibility of Afghanistan it needs the efforts of international community using all means fight against terrorism and end its existence forever.
The Afghan national security advisor’s statements should be focused on from various directions.
First, the activities of terrorism in Afghanistan are not limited only to Taliban. In Addition of Taliban other terrorist groups such as Al Qaida, IS, narcotic drugs’ mafia and other criminal groups also carrying out terrorist activities. They have not only faced Afghanistan to danger but in the same time threat the security of the region and other countries.
These terrorist activities and disputes are a part of foreign intelligence services efforts, foreign countries particularly Pakistan use Taliban within a project to achieve its ambitious and evil goals. They for continuing their activities and proxy war in battle fields in Afghanistan are seeking many alternatives, one of the alternatives is stationing IS in our country.
Other terrorist organizations also not sitting still, recently US for arresting or recognition of the son of Asama bin Laden who is trying to revive his father’s stance determined one million dollars reward.
This clearly indicates that Al Qaida is not yet eradicated, but it is still a great threat against peace and security of the world. There is no any doubt the activities of IS and international narcotic drugs mafia will continue, drug traffickers would not be ready to desist from this profitable business. They for their presence and carrying their activities in Afghanistan will resist.
With the emergence of IS the militants of other countries who fought alongside of Taliban against Afghan people easily slid to side of IS and now they have their hide outs in north of the country and established their bases in Pakistan and run their activities from there and their works and activities are separated from Taliban.
The above evidences clearly prove that Taliban is not only a terrorist group that disturb peace and security in Afghanistan, beside Taliban there are also other terrorist groups who are fighting for improving and dissemination of their activities in Afghanistan.
What is the most important is this that there are certain countries among them Taliban who are trying to introduce Afghan problem as an inner problem while everybody knows that it has rooted abroad.
It would be better the countries of the region and beyond the region not be encouraged from the progress of current negotiations between America and Taliban and think for political solution of the problem that threats not only Afghanistan but the entire region.  

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