12 July 2020

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Kabul (BNA) People’s role in peace negotiation is important, should not ignored
Persistent and honorable peace realizes in Afghanistan only when the Afghan people have a central role in peace negotiations.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the fifth round of talks between the representative of US foreign ministry and Taliban after sixteen days of negotiation behind closed doors ended.
According to media report in these negotiations the two sided have reached certain agreements. In any case, what has happened in the negotiations is not important but was important, was the expectation and role of Afghan people on social, cultural and political discussions of the talks.
Some people ask that whether peace with Taliban can end the threats of terrorism?  Whether Taliban respect to democratic process, its values and achievements of Afghan people during the last seventeen years?  Can conducting negotiation with a terrorist group guarantee world security?
The Afghan leadership for responding the above questions have invited advisory peace council, the state manages the process of peace negotiations according to the demands of the majority of Afghan nation.  The current leadership of Afghanistan have put peace negotiations at the focus of world community and asked the international community to assist the process and said that the Afghans want a respectful and persistent peace in their country. In any case the state that obtained its legality from constitution can inter in to peace negotiation as a legal representatives of Afghan people.
This would the government of Afghanistan that would guarantee that Afghanistan never been used against any other countries. In the same time, guarantees to world community that never returns to the dark past and never be used as a safe place for terrorists.
The Afghan defense and security forces with the assistance of international community and its allies enjoy a great power and with great sense of patriotism defense the independence and territorial integrity of the country and current system.
It is an open fact that it would be difficult to obtain legality through conducting war; therefore the only way for ending this horrible situation would be to respect the Afghan constitution and the last 17 years achievements of Afghan government achieved with assistance of international community. 

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