15 December 2019

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Straggle against Terrorism Is a Need

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Monday March 18, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Threat of terrorism is the mean reason for the presence of international coalition forces in Afghanistan and the withdrawal of those forces should be done after precise study and evaluation of situation.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recently Zalmay Khalilzad US special envoy for Afghanistan has lately pointed out, “We the international coalition have come to Afghanistan to fight terrorism. If there would be a need we leave this country, if Taliban want to negotiate, we also want to talk with them to ensure peace and if they want to continue fighting we fight against them,”
Khalilzad showing reaction to the recent developments has expressed the above statements.
A number of Afghan politicians and the international supporters of this country claim that the process of negotiation between US and Taliban is vague, Americans, Taliban and their friends and supporters are aware from the process but Afghan government knows nothing about the process. That is in reality ignoring the Afghans’ rights.  
According to Afghans, point of view holding negotiations a reasonable way for overcoming the problems and everybody prefers it, but when the issue such as counter terrorism struggle and the pullout of foreign forces and in general the issue of peace and war presented, Afghan people have the right to know about the process of peace and its developments and if the issue of withdrawal of foreign forces come the field, the international coalition forces should respond with high responsibility.
Whether the threats existed 18 years ago removed or still remained as before? Whether the international coalitions have reached their objectives this is curbing Taliban in Afghanistan and in the region?
From Afghans view point the current situation is more dangerous than before and our people have sacrificed in struggle against terrorism than any other countries of the world.
If earlier to 18 years ago, there were talking about Al Qaeda activities, today IS, Taliban, Buko Harm, narcotic drugs mafia and other extremist parties have emerged in Pakistan, central Asian countries and other countries. If earlier to 18 years ago, the people were talking about struggling about a certain group of terrorism, but today the people have to fight against several terrorist groups. When certain people talking about the massive withdrawal of coalition forces from the country, do they the authorities of those force know about the current situation and are they ready for leaving the country?
The issue pullout of foreign forces from Afghanistan is raised in a time, western and American newspapers and American authorities have repeatedly said that they can’t trust Taliban because the group is under the influence of extremist groups of the region.
Our people insist on withdrawal of coalition forces from country with considering their responsibilities. Therefore, one who accepts responsibility should not say the words that increase the moral of oppositions and terrorist groups. It would be better for Afghans and Americans to honor the soul of their sons who have lost their lives in battle against terrorism.

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