11 December 2019

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New Year the Year of Hopes and Optimism for Peace

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Saturday March 23, 2019

Kabul (BNA) 1397 ended with all its problems and the New Year stated with new hopes and great aspirations.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes 1398 ended and the Afghan people celebrating the New Year with great hopes.
The New Year has been started with new hopes and various programs of the state, one of the most vital of which is ensuring peace via carrying effective and constructive peace negotiations with armed oppositions.
Although the hard situation in 1397 has a dark message for the future and transferring the ominous heritage of continuation of war is the most horrible one but the people still hope the New Year would be the end of hostilities and war in the country and the start of a peaceful and happy life for our suffering people across the country.  They have introduced the New Year as opening a new chapter in political life of the country and strengthening the system.
Meanwhile, presidential elections would be held in New Year, which can improve the political trust and confidence in the country and further strengthen the role of people in ruling the country.  Beside these programs our international friends have made commitments to root out the factors of war in the country and curb the countries that support terrorism that we can already see some part of the commitments have put in practice.
Although the programs of the state and internal friends for restoring peace and stability in the country are various and extensive, the commitments of state authorities indicate that the horrible terroristic incidents won’t be repeated in Kabul and other cities by terrorist groups and they cannot impose themselves to our people  by force and creating horror and violence. The people hope the armed oppositions to start the New Year as the people expect and spare no any effort for settling via conducting political peace talks
Also the people expect the authorities of government besides focusing their attention for ensuring security situation, should try to fulfill commitments for improving the people’s lives.
1397 in addition of having serious security problems, poverty and other social violence seriously suffered our people.  The people hope the New Year be the end of all problem and violence that our people have experienced last year. 

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