11 December 2019

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Kabul and Helmand Incidents are Examples of Brutality and Ignorance

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Monday, March 25, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The recent incidents in Helmand and Kabul indicate that Taliban are lack of human conception and inhabited with ignorance and counter cultural and humane dealings. 
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes, in the first day of New Year Taliban targeted celebrators of the New Year in Karta- I – Sakhi, Kabul city and killed and wounded a number of people. Two days after this inhumane incident, Taliban committed another crime, attacking on participants of farmer festival in Helmand province martyred four and wounded a number.
In both horrible incidents, there were civilians who were targeted by Taliban.
This is not the first time that Taliban showing their anti-cultural and inhumane character take the lives of civilians. In the past they have also targeted civilians in cultural, social and religious gatherings killed many innocent people including women and children. The people have painful memories from Taliban who attacking burial ceremonies, support locations, schools and seminaries killed our people. Everybody knows that Taliban have never hidden their crimes but honored for such cruelties.  This barbaric group is been established for slaughtering people. They are fighting against our people, our culture and even our religion. They believe that they can only impose their selves via creating terror and violence and introduce as an effective and powerful party to the people.
Creating Violence and barbarity is a part of the obligation of group. They fear from conducting knowledgeable, cultural and ethical people, they are ignorant backward people who cannot afford the happiness of people.
Taliban have been established for creating division among ethnic groups, followers of religious sects and destruction of our country. For achieving this barbaric aim they target gymnasiums, mosques, cultural and social ceremonies the same, everywhere and everyone is their military targets.
Taliban do not believe a civic life, they use every opportunity to prevent the people’s attendance in civic, cultural and construction activities. Helmand and Kabul’s incidents are emaciated from such view and way of thinking.
Taliban have been made ignorant and cruel, to obtain privileges for their master (Pakistan) in current talks on Afghan problem and boast the status of that country in regional games.    

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