15 December 2019

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Education Is The Foundation for Building An Advanced Nation, Should Be Provided

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Education lays the foundation of every advance and progressive   society as a professional architect.
BNA educational affairs commenting on the issue writes the new education year, started with slogan of better education for future.
The slogan has a great and extensive meaning, which guarantees the advance of a progressive education in future and further clears the prospects of life in upcoming societies.
This is deserved to repeatedly mention that education lays the foundation of every society and an advanced education is the architect of the society. Today the countries that enjoy of having a tranquil and progressive life, the have already laid a concrete and constrictive education foundation.
Unfortunately, education in Afghanistan is facing many problems and challenges, such as shortage of buildings and books, lack of professional teachers and equipment, insecurity and poverty that have made the atmosphere of education dark and affected it badly.
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan recently pointing to some basic problems of education, showed the ways of their solutions. The president talking on occasion of inaugurating education New Year talked about the main problems exist in education and showed the ways of their solutions. He said shortage of land for building schools, shortage of text books, lack of professional teachers and shortage of working capabilities are the basic problems that suffer our education system. Meanwhile, the president to overcome those problem and challenges pointed to five year plan of education, the implementation of that provides the ground for training and capacity building of teachers and printing 37m new textbooks.
The president mostly emphasizing on education quality made it clear that a qualitative education will provide and present a prosperous future for our society as a gift.
Afghanistan is one of the most ancient countries of the world and enjoys of having thousands years culture. Unfortunately continuation of war and insecurities, have taken all opportunities from us and we can’t compare our present to the past.
The problem is this that a number of our people are suffering from shortage of having religious, secular and political knowledge that prevent us from knowing about present and predict about future.  If we had an education with high quality, we enjoyed a better the situation. For this reason says,” stability is a great thing that we have lost, for finding it we need a qualitative education to train a human force to build a society according to the needs of the time.”
Education, literacy and knowledge are the mirror of a society. There is no doubt that our state authorities have plan and incentives, but these plans and programs could not be implemented in practice without people’s support. Therefore, attracting the support of people in that regard is an urgent need of the time.
The pulpits of mosques, media, dignitaries, civil society activists, landowners and rich people are the proper sources that can support education. It is a need for all of our people to cooperate and coordinate their efforts in order to save our education from these problems and challenges. 

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