15 December 2019

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Water Resources Proper Management is an Urgent Need: Commentary

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Water World Day celebrated in Afghanistan this year under the Tittle of Water for All, while reduction of surface and underground resources, and persistent draught years have change management of water in to a sever need.
BNA natural resources affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Afghanistan is one of the countries that enjoys of having rich water resources. If the country’s water resources managed in a proper way and prevented from wasting, Afghanistan as oil – rich countries enjoyed of having a happy life and there no poverty in the country.
There are more than 70 billion cubic meter of water, in water resources of Afghanistan , but uses only from 25% of the resources and  great amounts runs to other countries .
Improper management of water has made Afghanistan economically poor and environmentally dry and deserted.
Although Afghanistan has several agencies for organizing and management of water resource of the country such as Ministry Energy and Water and Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry but unfortunately a great portion of waters of the country freely runs in to our neighboring countries. Mismanagement and lack of coordination in water sector has reached in such a level that the neighboring countries consider t the water resources as their own property and expect huge rights from the resources.
Afghanistan is water – rich country, unfortunately remained dry and deserted. The surface waters of the country runs in to other countries and the level of underground waters due to improper and nonstandard use has reach in to its lowest level.
Tyrannical use and improper of digging wheels have cause severe environmental problems and badly affected the lives of living things including plants and animals.  Shortage of water has faced agriculture sector in to serious problems and formal sources have acknowledged that due to shortage of water half the country’s  lands remained uncultivated, while agricultural economy lays the foundation of national economy in Afghanistan.
It should be repeatedly said that one of the ways that reduces Afghanistan’s dependency to foreign countries and poverty is proper management of water resources of the country, with proper management can improve the capabilities of the families’ economy and increase the level of national revenues
Today, there are many countries that have made the base and foundation of their economy via selling water, but the Afghanistan’s water freely running in to our neighboring countries and still they are not pleased.
Water management water resources should be focused as a national strategic program, because as the previous experiences show jus celebrating Water World Day, presenting reports and expressing regret have settled no any problems, just with proper management of waters our people particularly the farmers can achieve their aims and objectives. 

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