31 May 2020

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Reporting Increases Public Trust to Government’ Staffs

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The process of reporting and responding of state organs authorities to the based on the president’s verdict started. Based on the verdict all state administrations are obliged to report about their activities to the people.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes based on the verdict of president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,   based on the second article of Access to Information Law all ministries and independent organs are obliged to report about their achievements and future programs to the people   via a press conference and reflect them through mass media.
The second article of the right of access to information law ensures the right of people to information and obtaining confidence from transparency and accountability of all state organs performances.
The aim of issuing the verdict and starting the process of reporting and responding of the state authorities from their activities is awareness of people from the performances of state authorities.  Reporting is a basic right of people, where they come to know about the activities of state administrations and is a characteristic of democratic system where the people become aware from the activities of their government.
In reporting sessions, the administrations find an opportunity to aware the people from their important and major performances and in same time the people know about the problems and challenge the state is facing.   This kind of sessions also provide the ground for exchanging experiences and strengthen the idea that the government is working for tranquility of people and their  access to all possibilities and facilities.
Without doubt reporting sessions will discuss the main achievements, challenges and problems, but they should not ignore the simple and small problems and challenges. It would be required; the relevant authorities explain the reasons of the shortages and problems and show the practical way for their solutions.
In any case, conducting reporting sessions and informing the people from state organs activities is a positive and important step toward building a good government, while still administrative corruption, misusing from job related authorities, ethnical tendencies and using force are still exist in the government, but coordination of government with people have brought the people and the government close together and the people have become more confident  to the performances of state authorities and their transparency.     

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