31 May 2020

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Thursday, April 18, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Finally Afghan government after hard discussions and deliberations published the primary list of the participants in Doha session.
BNA political analyst affairs’ commenting on the issue writes Doha session is a session among Afghan politicians and Taliban that provide the ground for reaching a national agreement. In the presented list by the government the names of 250 people from political, civilian figures, activists of women’s and human rights and a number of high ranking officials are included.
The announcement the list of participant in Doha session can be considered a big victory for Afghan politicians and government of the country.
Earlier to this, addressing the government, there were certain criticisms that the government is failed in reaching a national consensus. But presenting the list of participant in Doha session indicates that the government for reaching a national consensus has a strong and true intention and proved it in practice.
Close sources to the government insist that in the presented list all relevant matters have been regarded and have made all efforts not any political parties, politicians, personalities and critics of government not feel themselves away from Doha negotiations.
The presented list is a mirror in that all social strata can see themselves in it.
The state is an authoritative organ that has started the process of peace and for accessing this humane objective spares no any efforts and needs to be supported to overcome this complicate problem.
The state selecting 250 persons from political elites has opened the way for performing a political consensus. The people who have been include on the list are representing all political figures and civil society and people who are working within the government, but according to Taliban they depend to the state and defend the state’s interests.
Although the presented list as it mentioned earlier represents all strata of people but still some voices are heard against it.  A number of people say, no consultation has made with them, some consider it unbalance from ethnical point of view. The problem is this that a number of politicians have never been satisfied to the rights they receive. They only follow their own interests that lead to challenges which instead of solving the problem create more problems that are dangerous for peace.  Therefore, it would be better for all Afghan people to join hands to overcome the barriers on the way peace and access to this noble aim, which the people across the country seriously need.

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