05 June 2020

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The current situation of the country asks everybody to comprehend the national interests. In such a situation the emergence of any tension should be prevented and the doors for taking national decision should be open.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes recent tensions in lower house of parliament and pressures of a group of politicians for establishing a temporary government are not justifiable at all and not settle the current problems of the country.
The recent tensions inside the lower house of parliament on electing the new head of parliament have established a horrible situation that has no any consequences but hatred.
Fighting over selecting or rejecting the new head of parliament where the laws are passed and monitoring the performances of the government within the framework of law cannot be justifiable.
Unfortunately a number of parliament members have entered in to the conflict using the name of ethnicity, a move that not supporting by people but at same time caused hatred inside the meeting.
The people who have obtained fewer votes and the people who claim victory, but the others criticize them should refer to the law and give an impartial group to assess the problem. Fortunately, there are many lawyers who can explain the law in its best way.
This should be repeated that the persons who have entered in to conflict over the election of the new head of the parliament in the name of ethnicity and nationality should know that the people strongly believe the law and all kinds of discriminations have lost their importance and value in Afghan community.
There was hope that the representatives in 17 round of national assembly using their experiences from evil and dark periods of the last rounds of parliament work on better way and the new and young features to do away with last evil works and continue their woks with new thoughts and conceptions.
But the recent incidents showed that new round of national assembly base has been laid with problems; the people are concern and ask how it be the quality of their five year working period?
It is a clear fact the representative of people for settling the problems have no way but referring to the law and implementing it in practice.
The other issue that should be focused on is the stance of the council of the candidates of presidency. This council that has been formed from 12 electoral constituencies insists on forming a temporary government after May 22 and claims that the national unity government is illegal after that date.
Currently the country is suffering from many serious problems and transferring from the crisis requires a strong state leadership, but unfortunately our politicians lack of sufficient experience have taken such a stance that caused the weakness of the state weakening the moral of people.
The politicians better know that interim governments had no good experience in political field of Afghanistan and had no any consequences but consistency of political and security conflicts.
Therefore, the politicians and the Afghan people in general should forget all difference and jointly work to overcome the current problems and build the country.   

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