29 September 2020

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Saturday, May 25, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Chinese foreign minister has said that Afghanistan has never been so close to peace and insisted that his country is ready to play a constructive role in Afghan peace process.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Chinese foreign minister who is visiting some middle Asian countries expressed the words while visiting Tajikistan’s authorities.
The Chinese expressing hope said that after long years of fighting and crisis in Afghanistan peace be possible in that country and assured that China will play a positive role in Afghan peace process.
He called China as an effective country in political dealing in the region and in world.
China besides maintaining relation with Taliban in a certain level and hosted Taliban’s delegation several times has great influence on main supporter (Pakistan) and is the main ally of Pakistan in regional issues.
Therefore with such influence and stance that China has in the region one can expect a lot from that country in settling regional problems especial the problem of Afghanistan.
Afghan people seriously believe that the problem of their country has deeply rooted outside their country and then any other countries Pakistan is involved in the problem and Taliban are in control of that country, while China is a close ally and friend of Pakistan and has good relations with all involved groups in Afghan war including Taliban.
Although, after the collapse of Taliban China kept all its ties with the group, but considers its benefit in a political solution of Afghan problem.
Although the interests of China is been identified as economic interests but the situation in Afghanistan is a little deferent.
The Taliban and IS activities in Afghanistan is increasing, these two terrorist groups for accessing their aims have not forgotten ensuring ties with other terrorist groups  active  outside the borders of Afghanistan.
There are reports about the presence of Alghore militants who fighting along Taliban in Afghanistan. It indicates that both Afghanistan and China are facing the same threat in their countries this is terrorist activities.
Therefore, an insecure Afghanistan can be a safe place for Chinese rebels and a threat to that country that Chinese authorities never want.
Beside these concerns, the continuation of insecurities in Afghanistan will affect badly the Chinese big projects in the level of the region.
The regional interests of China have closely linked to restoring peace in Afghanistan and that country wants to use its influence in that regard.
We hope China with its constructive role could play and support the regional and international way of thinking regarding to restoring peace in Afghanistan.
Although make Pakistan to desist from its adventures and not create barriers on the way of restoring peace in Afghanistan any more. 

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