Traitors Should Be Punished Sever: Commentary

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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The enemy influenced men with in the state, are the secret killers of Afghan people. They should be punished and there should be no shortage in their trail in the court.
BNA the analyst of judicial affairs commenting on the issue writes ministry of interior declared the other day that they have arrested Haji Dilawar who introduced himself as the advisor of senate head from 12th district accused for cooperation with terrorist groups.
The national security men have obtained from him artificial documents, Pakistani identity cards, wrong number pallets, illegal weapons, armor vehicles, foreign currency (Pakistan) and special parking cards for vehicles of national assembly    parking.
Although the sources of the senate have said nothing about the place and duty of Mr. Dilawar but the documents obtained clearly show that what he was doing in the parliament.
The ministry of interior calling Haji Dilawar the big supporter of terrorists frankly has said that he had hand in killing several police in Jalalabad city who had removed the black glassed of his car. 
This is occur in a time, the people previously talked and complained about the presence of terrorists within the government and the last event proved that they were not wrong.
The people have repeatedly said that law breakers and criminals have influenced with in the state and certain terrorist actions are impossible without the help of some figures working inside the state.
Commenting on terrorist incidents the people have claimed that terrorists using the state possibilities transfer their men from distanced cities and places safely to Kabul and vas versa.
There is no doubt that the intelligence services of the region and terrorists under their command are using every opportunity to arm our people and country because it is one of the main principals of intelligence fighting.   But what are the preventive measures adopted by our security forces and intelligence services for curbing and failing such conspiracies?
Recently one of such evil feature disclosed and arrested. Now it is the duty of justice and judicial organs to investigate the issue honestly and punish him as he deserves.
The people insist that the state organs and influenced people should not guide and help terrorists if they commit such heinous crime, they should be brought to the court and after through judgment punished according to the sin they have committed. 

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