29 September 2020

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Immunity of criminals is sin: Commentary

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Kabul (BNA) The disastrous killing seven members of a family in third precinct Kabul city was a shocking crime that badly affected the spirit of people and clearly showed that there are severe shortages in protecting the life of the citizens.
BNA criminal affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes on the night of Ramadan 27, seven members of a family including women and children were killed in Karta – I – Sakhy and the killers succeeded to flee.
In less than five days, this the third killing incident in Kabul city, earlier a lawyer in Karta- I – Now area and another citizen assassinated close to Attorney General’s office.
The incidents indicate that the security of the capital severely fragile and concerning while the relevant authorities talk about insuring security in Kabul city.  As the acting spokesman of interior ministry says that the number criminal incidents have decreased 20 %, but how one can accept these statements in occurrence of the recent days’ incidents.
The people say that there are various reasons for dissemination of crimes in Kabul and other cities. First of all the relevant authorities have failed to implement their commitments and programs in practice already made.
Bedside this, the people consider the works of justice and judicial organs weak and insist that these organs should deal with such crimes seriously and categorically.
The prisons of the country are full of criminal, thieves, law breakers, robbers and… but their cases have not been completed on time and many of them released or acquitted because of unknown reasons and return to the community.
In some cases, works of justice and judicial organs have disappointed the people. For example the criminals who abducted Mahsa a six year old girl about two months ago from Khairkhana area instead of execution, sentenced to prison.  This is how these criminals have been introduces underage is a question that the family of assassinated child and thousands other people are waiting to hear the answer.
Some years ago, we were witness of a similar incident in Panjsad Family area Kabul city in which ten members of a family gun downed. After a period of time, police arrested culprits who were three persons, but the people not informed about the fate of them. They were deserved to be hanged publically.
The people are not satisfied with the practice of justice and judicial organs and accuse police for less working. May be these claims not be correct in some cases but it would be necessary for all relevant authorities to think deeply and standardize their deeds according to the realities and meet the people’s expectations.      

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