27 May 2020

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The Priority of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is Saving the Lives of Afghan Suffering People: Commentary

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Monday, June 3, 2019

Kabul (BNA) While Eid is a good opportunity for reconciliation and forgetting the hostilities, Mullah Hibatullah the leader of Taliban in a message on occasion of Eid- ul – Fitr insists on continuation of war and once again spread hatred.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes while efforts for ending war in Afghanistan in national and international level increased and the contacts of Afghan politicians and a number of world countries with Taliban have increased that brought  hopes for solving this long crisis. But regretfully, the message of Taliban leader published on occasion of Eid – ul – Fitr   indicates that the group don not believe to peace and peaceful life.
Mullah Hibatullah   the leader of Taliban has said that the group would continue fighting until he achieve his objectives. Also, the Taliban leader in his message calls for ending the war but showed no any intention for establishing ceasefire.
Although, Mullah Hibatullah says that he was in favor of ending war but ignores ceasefire that is the main point for ending any conflict.
Insisting on continuation of war tries to talk from a high position in negotiations with Americans, while people around the world specially Muslims never call carrying suicide and explosions in Kabul and other places, killing the students and employees of an organ jihad and  honor for such criminal deeds.
Peace is the major demand of Afghan people, the happy and warm presence of Taliban in towns and cities during the last year’s Eid – ul – Fitr clearly showed that the ordinary men of the group how much interested to peace and much hatred again fighting and conflict.
The happiness ordinary Taliban in last Eid weakened the moral of the group and made the leadership of the group to not accept holding ceasefire during the coming Eid.
While the stance and view of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is completely humanistic and Afghani as the spokesman of presidency says that the Afghan government is ready for ceasefire and inter Afghans dialogues.
The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan using every opportunity wants to save the lives of the citizens that is be ceasefire during Eid or other religious or historical occasions, just wan improve the atmosphere of trust among Afghan suffering nation.
The stance of Mullah Hibatullah that insists on continuation of war and the stance of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan that use any opportunity to save the lives of people clearly show that who is in favor peace and who prevent and create obstacles on the way of peace, destroy the country and kill innocent people.   

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